Attacks On Airports Come From Many Directions

Attacks On Airports Come From Many Directions

By: Paul Hollowell

The attack on the UNC-Chapel Hill Airport is not the first time a University decided to close an airport (to read the full story click here) It probably will not be the last. The President of Kent State tried to close the Kent State Airport (1G3) several years back with vague promises to build another replacement  in the indeterminate future.  Fortunately students and other tenants were able to convince the University to abandon the effort to close the airport.  So 1G3 is safe for now but the threat is still there, just below the surface. A better example is KUNI, the Ohio University Airport (Athens, OH). The University closed the old flood prone inadequate World War II Airport but did so with a solid believable commitment to build a new much better Airport. And yes, Ohio University did build a new and much better airport.  We wish the students and tenants at Chapel Hill Airport the best. What happens there, for better or worse, does make a difference to us. Our local success at the Venice Airport gave heart to many Airport supporters elsewhere facing the same unreasoned attacks on their airports.

Paul Hollowell a  former Army Helicopter Pilot, with over 32 years of full or part time Venice residence, bases his aircraft at the Venice Municipal Airport

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