Cirrus Aviation To Host Socials

Cirrus Aviation To Host Socials

Dear fellow Cirrus Aviation student,

With the support of the Chief Pilot and the owners of Cirrus Aviation the school is proposing to hold informal monthly gatherings for our current, previous and even future students.

The idea is to host the gathering in the Dolphin FBO (at least initially – although future meetings could be in a restaurant/bar or other venue). The flight school will order in food and drinks for the first meeting and we can all decide how best to cater future meetings.

The thinking behind this is that as students we never get a chance to socialize together; to share our flying experiences, both good and less than good; to share best practice; to acknowledge/celebrate our progress/exams and even to talk about things that we wish our instructors or the flying school did differently.

We will also invite people to our social gatherings who can talk about their flying experiences or to offer insights into their expectations of us as students; examples would be:

  • Sarasota/Tampa ATC controllers
  • FAA or contract examiners
  • Aviation career counselors for students looking to build a long-term flying career
  • Dolphin Maintenance – to tell us how best to keep the airplanes flying
  • Local historians to share insights on Sarasota and our neighbours – the history of some of the local airfields could be an interesting place to start.
  • Meteorologists to explain Florida’s weather and warning signs for pilots.

We plan to use social media as a way of keeping in contact – a Facebook group will be set up for Cirrus students; this will be separate from the Cirrus Aviation company page and will be open to all students to post pictures and comments. We will also use the school’s email database to distribute emails and updates.

At this early stage we are thinking of holding the meetings on the first Monday of every month (so we don’t take up your weekend) for say 2 hours from 6pm. But this can change to suit the majority.

To maintain some momentum we are planning to hold the first meeting on Monday 7th September – with apologies for the short notice.

What we would like you to do for us is to quickly complete and return the following details; this will indicate the level of interest and give us idea about who you would like to meet and who you would like to hear from.

You can complete the form and return it by email or hard copy to any of:
Cirrus Aviation – monthly student socials.

Cirrus student since:  
Preferred email address  
I would like to attend the student socials (this does not commit you to anything!)  
I will not be able to attend the student socials  
I would be interested in meeting/hearing from the following people/professions.






Other ideas/thoughts/guidance.






Social media contact details:
(these will not be shared beyond the student group and Cirrus Aviation and please only share them if you are comfortable doing so!


Facebook id:

Twitter id:

Instagram id:

You are receiving this message because you are included in the mailing list at Cirrus Aviation. If you do not wish to receive broadcast messages in the future, please call Cirrus Aviation, Inc. at 941-360-9074 or click here.
Cirrus Aviation, Inc., 8191 north Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34243

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