Lunch Bunch pilots gathered at 10am, Cmdr Wayne’s Annex, first indication of a crowd was the number of cars parked outside, Good crow

Da Gang-Oct Lunch bunch

d today,, 11 planes and 18 folks for lunch!  VASI Dave, aka RV Dave, got the ball rolling with a brief summary of the VASI Election Forum held Wednesday night. Five candidates for two seats on Venice City Council, approx 50 in attendance, Johnny Arrow was the moderator and did a great job,, all Venice issues covered, most importantly “Do you support the airport”,, 100% yes,, of course at a forum run by an airport group what would you say,,,, but we do feel there are NO definite “Anti-Airport” candidates! Remember, the Mayor and City Council control the airport(within FAA jurisdiction), so best to be on good terms with them!


Bonanza Paul volunteered to be briefer, following the checklist he asked for guests, there were several but to tell the truth, I didn’t write them down,  sorry!! Ken Hilton joined us today down from Red Wing, Wisc. , told me he now has a Venice hangar for his C-182! Then Paul asked the question – Where to go today???


Bartow had a “Food Truck” on premises, but this was shot down, wait in line, in sun, where to sit, etc!!!

Winter Have

Keeping it clean-Oct Lunch bunch

n was next choice, Wayne called, only one guy in kitchen, been there before, took over an hour to get food!! No thanks!

Okeechobee – “Old Farts”!!!


Nathan mentioned Albert Whitted, KSPG, the crowd loved it! Nathan brought his Mom and Dad(also a pilot) today!!! Wayne called and the Hangar Restaurant said come on over,, KSPG is

Target of the Day! Nice flight up the coast, Gulf waters, Beautiful Beaches, Inlets, Sarasota Bay, Tampa Bay, Skyway Bridge, Perfect! Light wind out of East, RW 07!! The restaurant set up two tables to seat us, and all went well. Always good food at “The Hangar”!!!


During lunch several mentioned flying a longer trip to lunch. Williston X60 was mentioned, 137nm, “Pyper Kub” restaurant right outside FBO,, good fuel $4.44,,,so think about it for next week.

Turbo Bruce-Oct Lunch bunch

By Dave Wimberly

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