Leesburg, FL Airport Runway Saved

Leesburg, FL Airport Runway Saved

Local pilots and AOPA rallied to help keep open a second runway at Leesburg International Airport northwest of Orlando, FL last month. The city of Leesburg
was considering three development plans for the airport, one of which would
have closed Runway 3-21 and used that land for business development. That was
the plan the city manager preferred.
But a vocal pilot community and pressure from AOPA urging selection of an
alternative that kept both of the airport’s runways open won the commission’s approval, with the city manager agreeing. Pilots jammed into the commission
meeting room for the final vote, making sure their sentiments were heard.


You can read the full coverage of the city council meeting here, but it looks like it was a close one.  The quote that really sticks out is this:

“The proposal, he explained, calls for the closing of runway 3/21, which is the shorter of the two runways. Minner said it would open “massive areas” for development at the airport and land across U.S. Highway 441 that must now be left open for a glide path. That area runs all the way to Silver Lake and includes a dog park.

He noted that the city recently sold neighboring property on U.S. 441 to Jenkins Nissan for $2.2 million”




Paul Hollowell, our VASI historian and current Treasurer, reminds us that this was tried at Venice in the past and it could happen again. Particularly since the Airport sits on some 800 acres of pristine beachfront property!  Good times lull us into a false sense of security.

As reminder

The VASI “AIM” is 
To promote, support, and encourage the continued use of the Venice Municipal Airport as a general aviation facility.
To inform citizens regarding  the airport’s importance to the public welfare. 
To provide a forum whereby those concerned with utilization of the facility may voice their concerns. 
To advise the appropriate authorities regarding safety, security, utilization, and other concerns at the airport. 
To provide a forum for the flying public regarding aviation matters. 
To support the city, county, state, and federal authorities in carrying out their duties regarding aviation and the utilization of the Venice Municipal Airport in disaster, welfare, and other public service

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