VASI Fall Picnic – Thank you from the board

VASI Fall Picnic – Thank you from the board

Thanks to all that helped with the picnic on Saturday. Especially would like to thank Chas Pickering and Howie Altman, without these two there would be no picnic!

VASI Picnic – October 2018
“will you have fries with that?”



















Howie’s truck was filled to capacity back and forth to the storage hangar!

VASI Picnic – October 2018
“a Marine is in charge of the hot dogs”


















Some drama: The guys picked up all the pre-positioned supplies and the grill only to find the BOTH propane tanks almost empty!

As I walked by the fence between “Young Eagle” flights, I was informed! Well, Chas & Howie took care of refilling the tanks just in time for Dave Green to fire up the grill. All is well that ends well!! Thanks guys!!


This location worked out well, convenient to EAA Young Eagles, and close by parking. Could even watch the planes better!!


David Wimberly

VASI President

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