Venice Airport in the News: Constant air traffic a nuisance (or is it?) & Development of the former Circus Arena

Venice Airport in the News: Constant air traffic a nuisance (or is it?) & Development of the former Circus Arena

In a recent edition of the Gondolier Sun (Saturday 11/24) a resident penned the following letter to the editor and two residents were quick to respond in the following edition of the newspaper.  I reproduce the original and the responses here.

We thank the residents who were quick to help manage this resident’s negative impression of the Venice Airport and remind ALL members that we ALL need to be vigilant.  In an earlier post we had written about several close calls by GA Airports with one being in FL and while we enjoy a period of positive relations with Venice residents and the Venice city council, challenges may arise at any moment.

Here at VASI we have a page on our website and a very detailed and well written document or Airport Frequently Asked Questions that addresses most, if not all, concerns that our residents may have.  We urge you to spread the word about the benefits of the airport by referring residents with questions to this page ( There they can read a summary of what we do to mitigate noise issues as well as download the FAQ to read about that as well as the positive economic impact of Venice Airport.

Constant air traffic a nussance (note: spelling error in orig!)


It’s time to shut down the hobbyists and trainees at the Venice Airport. The overhead noise sometimes continues from sunup to sundown. I equate it to driving circles around someone’s house while honking my car horn, day after day, month after month.

The noise of a few should not supersede the tranquility of many. I understand the nostalgic element of the airports past. I understand the benefit of having emergency helicopters nearby. The sound of an occasional small jet flying in or out of Venice over gulf waters isn’t bothersome.

It is the almost constant noise over our neighborhoods from low flying propeller aircraft that really detracts from our quality of life. This is where we live. This is where people vacation. Where our kids go to school. Where seniors, after a busy life, try to relax. Venice airport your time is up. Please go away. We want peace.


Nothing to complain about


Following up on a recent letter about the Venice Airport traffic noise. You purchased your home in 2014 and guess what, the airport was already there when you did. What did you expect? If it bothers you, move.

I live in South Venice and there is a bar several blocks from my home. Several times a week they have live bands. We always hear the music filtering out, sometimes the windows will shake a little and in the summer when the windows are open it sounds like the band in right next door. I knew this place was there before I purchased the home and did so anyway.

As I walked out of my house this morning I heard planes flying overhead. When I looked up there were five small aircraft flying in perfect formation, what an inspiring sight. To those talented pilots thank you very much, I just wish I could have gotten a photo.

I believe that Venice is, in fact, an airport with a town; not a town with an airport. My advice is learn to live with it or move.

Joyce Phillips Venice


Again with the Airport?

Editor: Venice

Over recent months there have been at least two letters published by this paper which have demanded closing the Venice Airport.

As a student of Venice Airport history for many years, it is my observation that similar demands arise periodically, perhaps coinciding with the turnover in homeowners near the field.

About 12 years ago, a good deal of time and public money was spent in examining the matter of closing, moving or at least minimizing airport operations.  It became abundantly clear that all such attempts were futile, and even in some cases potentially illegal.

The reasons are simple. Unlike other city owned infrastructure, continued ownership, maintenance and operation of the airport is subject to perpetual commitments to the United States federal government; commitments that were shown to be inviolate. The airport has both federal deed restrictions and grant assurances. Perhaps in the future the Editor of the Gondolier could include a brief such note at the end of the complaining letter. While that short response would not necessarily satisfy the complainant, he or she would at least know the ground rules and tackle some other irritant.

It’s a waste of energy, emotion and dollars on something that’s just not going to happen.

All that can be done to help minimize the impact of the airport on the surrounding area has been done.

I believe that Venice is, in fact, an airport with a town; not a town with an aiport.  My advice is learn to live with it or move.

Chuck Schmieler


Airport Management doing their part

Again, in recent news – this time in the Venice/ Sarasota edition of Herald-Tribune (11/11/2018) – there was an article about the Venice Airport publishing letters of interest for nonresidential commercial development of the former Venice Circus Arena property.  It is comforting to see that Airport management along with others also believe that whilst the unused components of airport property can add significant economic value to the Venice area that it has to be practical and “airport friendly”.  The proposals considered have been the addition of a four story hotel on said property but discussions have not concluded and are ongoing.  You can read the full article by clicking here.





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