Venice Airport to La Belle – Lunch Bunch, 4 March 2021

Venice Airport to La Belle – Lunch Bunch, 4 March 2021

Dear fellow KVNC ‘Lunch Bunchers’:


As you mentioned in your ‘recap’ of our ‘Lunch Bunch’ flight last Thursday to La Belle I video recorded my flight and have edited a short, six minute video of the flight. I am a beginner at filming and video editing, but I enjoy coupling my love of flying with creating edited videos with embedded music from ‘our younger days’ where the words of the music relate to views out the windscreen. As you watch the video in the YouTube link below please listen to the words of the songs I have added and reflect upon the special opportunities and beautiful views we see in our ‘Airman’s World’.


Regrettably as I approached KVNC to land, my GoPro batteries died so I do not have footage of my landing in Venice upon our return.


I hope you enjoy the video. It is published as a ‘public’ video on YouTube so you are welcome to share it.


Lunch Bunch 4 March 2021 flight to La Belle

Songs: Fly Away, John Denver; The Seekers, Speak to the Sky, Take me Home, John Denver and Flying for Me, John Denver




Jack Henion

‘Centurion Jack’

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