VENICE, FL – LUNCH BUNCH February 10th, 2022

VENICE, FL – LUNCH BUNCH February 10th, 2022

Cmdr Wayne called meeting to order then turned proceedings over to Bonanza Paul. Blue Sky weather everywhere, clear and a million, CAVU, you get the idea, where do you guys want to go!!  SEBRING!!!!!!!!!!!! With a splinter group to WinterHaven!! 37 Pilots total!!

Met Brian Scott at fuel pump Arcadia,,,
at SRQ waiting for hangar KVNC!! Will join us in future!

Short safety briefing, again traffic pattern, BLT Mick recited an instance with a “No Radio” in pattern, student not making calls, interesting, maybe he was on wrong frequency didn’t realize!!!   VASI Dave selling T-shirts again, more size Med & Large on order!

VASI Meeting next Wednesday, Feb 16, 7PM Venice City Hall,,, Tower Chief KPGD


Cirrus Ernie and Skylane Blake went to KGIF, the rest to KSEF, 31 to Sebring, restaurant was full but seats for everyone, inside and out! The ramp was full, planes lined up on both sides of ramp!


A few stopped off at Arcadia on way home to top off at $4.39/gal. Met a nice guy at the pump, see pic below.


Mission accomplished!

By Dave Wimberly

Yellow Cub Dave chugging along!!!! We’ll save you a seat!!!











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