VENICE, FL – LUNCH BUNCH January 6th, 2022

VENICE, FL – LUNCH BUNCH January 6th, 2022

Big turnout today, perfect flying weather, actually perfect weather for anything! One count had 30+ at the briefing, but pics show 30ish at Sebring and 11 at Albert Whitted, St. Petersburg.


Paul Hollowell, twice wounded combat veteran,  gave the brief today, did such a good job that during lunch a motion was made and passed (acclimation) for Paul to repeat next week,,, he declined , thought it better to pass around this “benefit”!!!


Arriving at Whitted, once the Tower was told that the Venice Air Force was inbound, they canceled a couple of training touch & goes, told them full stop & taxi back only! Make room for the Lunch Bunch!! Good service. Special Bulletin for Skycatcher Mark, the ramp parking fee is now $10.00!!!!


Cheetah Den was photog at Sebring, and reported good service & food with inside and outside seating!! Always a good spot!!


Cirrus Ernie & crew had lunch in Venice!!! After the briefing by Jack Henion about losing his alternator over the Rockies, land safe,  checking engine found it contaminated with metal needing an overhaul, cotter pin, gear, loose bolts. Cirrus Ernie took off from Venice for Sebring and lost alternator, thinking about Jack’s situation, he returned to KVNC, Sarasota Avionics checked it out, loose wire, engine OK!!!


Traffic back at KVNC seemed reasonable except for one Aerostar who tried 3 or 4 times for R/W 05 when all were using R/W 13, he finally got the message,, go with the flow,,, land on R/W 13 along with everybody else!!! No other traffic issues reported,


BTW – January VASI meeting will be a ZOOM meeting, National Weather Service from Rusking, FLA office, watch for email with link. Reason for zoom, “Abundance of Caution” plus Federal worker, NOAA!!!


Mission Accomplished!!!

By Dave Wimberly

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