VENICE, FL – LUNCH BUNCH March 3rd, 2022 — with Video (must see)

VENICE, FL – LUNCH BUNCH March 3rd, 2022 — with Video (must see)

CH 7 WeatherMan Bob Harrigan


Beautiful weather all over SouthWest Florida, with a SpaceX launch to boot! A few watched from hangar area at 9:25am only to see a thin contrail way off to the East! At least we saw something! Another successful launch by SpaceX, averaging one a week all year long,,, and the booster landed successfully on the drone ship out in the Atlantic! Ho Hum Mr. Elon!!! Did you hear he is supplying his Starlink receivers to Ukraine so they will have internet access!! Private business in space!!

The briefing was conducted in a strange tongue, BLT Mick,,speaking the Kings English,, “two peoples separated by a common language”! With a good crowd of over 30 pilots and numerous planes, Sebring and Williston were chosen. Heard 20+ to Sebring and 10 to Williston.  I can report from Williston that Carole(owner) was full of it as she waited on us at The Pyper Kub restaurant, good service and down home food!! No complaints. The Sebring gals took good care of all with their usual good service. SRQ pilot, Earle Swan sat with Archer Mike and CAP Mike!


CH 7 WeatherMan Bob Harrigan assisted Mick with a weather briefing promising high gusty winds, never trust a weatherman,, turned out to be one of our nicest da

ys in quite awhile! Johnny Arrow brought Bob today to fly with him, and he promises a segment on CH 7 News tonight look for it!


VASI news: Next VASI Meeting, March 16 – Gyrocopters by Dale Kunz. Also, look for a Poll of VASI members on our Website coming next week,, KVNC Control Tower Yes or No????? More T-shirts on order, all sold out!!!

By David Wimberly


Dear Lunch Bunchers:


Below is the YouTube link and list of songs in my flight video for last week’s flight to Sebring, FL.


I hope you enjoy it.


Sebring Lunch Flight 3 March 2022


  1. Born to fly, Sara Evans
  2. I can see clearly now, Ann Murray
  3. The Older I Get, Alan Jackson
  4. Top of the world, The Carpenters
  5. Bensound,



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