Workshop Focuses on Arena Usage

Workshop Focuses on Arena Usage

Monday, November 25th’s CIRCUS ARENA SITE RFP WORKSHOP follows on the city’s intent to maximize the arena parcel’s economic value to the airport. In anticipation of the Sharky’s sale and it’s $140,000 annualized income loss, the workshop will open up for public comment on the use of this land.

The meeting was noticed publicly and email recipients received slide deck of Airport Administrator Chris Rozansky’s briefing for the workshop.

Public comment is usually limited to five minutes per speaker. Since this is not a normal council meeting, no formal motions will be made and no votes will be taken on any course of action concerning the parcel.

Note that the “RFP” references that “Requests For Proposals” is an eventuality. Stakeholders will undoubtedly voice their desires and concerns about what constitutes acceptable and unacceptable utilization of this 11 acre parcel.

Tuesday November 25, 2013
City Council Chambers 1:30 pm

Download the presentation here:——–>> 2013.11.25 Circus Arena Solicitation Workshop

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